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Raul Marroquin

Da Roma con Amore, 2016
Duration: 14:40
With contributions by Davide Gatti
Post-production: Jesus Eloy


USB stick in box with image material. Edition of 25, signed and numbered.

Da Roma con Amore, shot during a visit to Rome in 2016, is both a physical and virtual tour of the Eternal City. It is partly based on the movie Roman Holiday with Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck. In tribute to the scene in which Peck and Hepburn ride around Rome on a stolen Vespa, Marroquin explored the city together with his Italian gallerist, who didn’t have to steal a Vespa – he already owned one.


Raul Marroquin - Da Roma con Amore

€ 2.500,00Price
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